An award-winning novelist with a zest for coastal living

The beach is the best place to imagine “What if…”

T.C. Zmak’s novels have been called “imaginative,” “entertaining and emotional,” “insanely audacious,” and “a real treat to read.”


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In the DARK SURF series, surfers, vampires, and the FBI collide—with deadly consequences—in this contemporary fantasy and paranormal romance.

Think “The Lost Boys” meets “Point Break” meets “Jaws.”


DARK SURF series – Book 1

DARK SURF is T.C. Zmak’s critically-acclaimed, award-winning debut novel.

Praise for DARK SURF

“It’s all passionate, fun, and delightfully new. An entertaining and emotional novel in which blood is thicker than salt water.”— Kirkus Reviews

“This novel blew me away—one of the most imaginative vampire novels I’ve ever read.” — Paul Goat Allen, BlueInk Review

“The novel thrums with action, romance and surf, plus the kind of gory thrills you get with a horror flick. Short chapters make for a fast-paced read.”  — Monterey County Weekly

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RISING cover

DARK SURF series – Book 2

The sequel, RISING, packs even more suspense—and surprises—into another “speedy, page-turning” romantic thriller.

Praise for RISING

“Delivering the salt- and blood-kissed depths readers expect, this vampire tale is everything a sequel should be.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Rising (Dark Surf Volume 2) by T.C. Zmak is another fantastic story, a great sequel to Dark Surf.”  Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers’ Favorite

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Next up

A women’s fiction project, now in development

Think “The Devil Wears Prada” meets “The Assistants” — set in a PR agency.

How do critics describe a T.C. Zmak novel?

“A fast-paced story, one of those you just can’t put down”
“Twists and turns that keep a reader hooked”
“The prose is sharp and pithy”
“Exceptionally well-written”


About the author

T.C. Zmak is an award-winning author, beach enthusiast, craft beer drinker, oenophile, foodie, and dog parent.

Ocean air, coffee, and a laptop … Creativity strikes!